Angela Saxton, RN
Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Registered Nurse, Certified Foot Zone Therapist, Simply Healed™ practitioner, and Reiki Master/Teacher.
I am a free thinker in pursuit of truth and wholeness for my health. I went back to school in 1999, graduated with my nursing degree in 2004. 

I love caring for people, it is one of my greatest honors as well as responsibility's.

I love Energy work, where else can we receiving results without invasive procedures or told to take a slew of medication daily, wondering if that is going to work or make things worse? I believe it is AWESOME, life changing!

I have explored many techniques of natural healing including: Emotion Code, EFT, Bach flower remedy and tapping with an ongoing thirst for knowledge. 

My passion, purpose & Goal is to live each moment as my authenticate, most excellent self....To encourage, assist, inspire and motivate my family, friends and others to live up to their most excellent self's with balance and health.