Silver is a Transition Element along with Gold and Copper. It is not a heavy metal. It is not poisonous. Only those who cannot wear Silver Jewelry may have some reaction. 
If you take Vitamin C/Herbs wait one hour before taking the silver sol. 

ABSCESE: Hold one ounce of liquid in your mouth for at least six minutes, two to three times a day. It can then be swallowed, providing an internal rinse as well. For a very small abscess, you can simply put a drop of the silver sol on a Band-Aid and place it over the abscess. For a large abscess, spray the liquid silver sol on the wound one to four times a day.*

ACNE: Take two teaspoons of silver twice a day. Silver should also be applied topically twice a day. You can expect to see reduction in the size and in the damage of the acne within 24 hours. Total improvement of the skin will take about four weeks – the amount of time necessary for new skin to grow from the bottom to the top layer.

AGE SPOTS: Drink liquid silver sol on a regular basis. Put silver sol on the age spot it can help excrete that which has been stored under the skin. For the best benefit, apply topically two to four times a day and take one teaspoon orally twice a day.

ANTIBIOTIC ALTERNATIVE: Silver sol kills all the bacteria except the healthy (probiotic) bacteria. Taking silver sol daily (1 teaspoon 1-3 times a day) should destroy bacterium, viruses and yeast that cause the majority of illnesses, so you may never need to take an antibiotic again.

ANTI-TUMOR: Drink one to four ounces of silver sol liquid a day, sipping the silver sol every hour for the first 4-8 hours. Drink two ounces a day for the next five days – two tablespoons in the morning and two tablespoons in the night. Apply topically two to three times a day to the tumor if it is visible. In addition, you may find an intestinal cleansing with pa-pa and daily milk thistle beneficial. For more acute problems, drink four ounces one day and sip it every hour the next day. If cancer runs in the immediate family, two tablespoons of silver sol in the morning and evening can be used as a preventive method. 

ANTI-VIRAL: Drink two tablespoons of silver sol in the morning and night; you can potentially defeat an existing viral infection. Inhaling a nebulized form of silver sol works best for a viral infection in the lungs or sinuses. Drops can also be placed in your ears, eyes, nose, or throat twice a day. To prevent a cold or flu, drink one teaspoon twice a day. If you are exposed to a lot of coughing and sneezing, the dose can be doubled. Immune stimulating herbs are also beneficial.

ATHLETE’S FOOT: Silver sol can be sprayed into your socks and inside shoes, or directly on the foot. It can be applied between the toes to kill any yeast growth. In addition to athlete’s foot, fungus can get underneath your toenails. By soaking your feet for 30 minutes every other day in a silver sol bath, you will kill the toenail fungus and the athlete’s foot.

BACTERIA: Silver sol will destroy bacteria in approximately six minutes. You will feel the effects within the first two hours of use and the benefits will continue as long as you use the product. Take 1-2 tbs. 4x a day.

BLACK MOLD: Black mold is a fungus or yeast that grows in wet areas of the home like showers or walls. The mold will release spores into the air. If these spores reach your lungs, they will produce asthma- and chronic fatigue-like symptoms. To remove the mold, spray liquid silver sol on it and let it stand for 10 minutes before wiping it off. This will destroy the mold and likely prevent it from re-growing.

BLADDER INFECTION: Two tablespoons of silver sol should be taken hourly for the first two days. For the next two weeks, take two tablespoons twice a day. You should expect to destroy the bladder infection within the first 12 to 24 hours. Silver sol liquid can be taken with cranberry juice. 

BLOOD CLEANSER: Bacteria, viruses, yeast, parasites, and other toxins can get inside our blood. Silver sol is one of the best tools for blood cleansing. For acute blood cleansing, take one ounce every hour for four hours. For some serious conditions, you will need to take one four ounce dose every day for the first three days, followed by a maintenance dose of two tablespoons twice a day.

BRONCHITIS: Bronchitis can be cleared up by drinking two teaspoons of silver sol two to four times a day, inhaling from a nebulizer 15 minutes twice a day, and by using an intra-nasal spray twice a day for congestion.

BURNS: Silver sol liquid can be sprayed on the burn or used to soak the burn, with a reduction in pain, inflammation and tissue damage will be visible in the first hour. Drink one ounce of silver sol liquid twice a day until the burn is gone. Silver Sol will cause the burn area to heal faster with more skin tissue and less scar tissue.

CANCER: Those suffering from cancer should drink four ounces of silver sol on day one and four ounces on day two, sipping it every hour. Drink two ounces a day for the next five days; take two tablespoons twice a day thereafter as a maintenance dose. Sinus, mouth, throat, or lung cancer patients may want to use an inhaled form of liquid silver sol. One ounce can be inhaled from a nebulizer 30 minutes a day. This allows the silver sol to come in deep contact with the lungs, bronchioles, and sinuses.

CANKER SORES: Hold one ounce of silver sol liquid in your mouth for six minutes and then drink it. Repeat this process twice a day. Spray several times a day on lips.

CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE: Cardiovascular disease can come from a bacterial infection like strep throat or a staph infection. By rinsing the mouth with silver sol liquid, you can kill the bacteria in the gums that lead to cardiovascular disease. 

CHILDREN: Silver sol is safe for use with children. Children require a smaller dose of liquid silver sol than adults. A 50-pound child, for instance, would take one-third the dosage of a 150-pound adult. They can drink silver sol liquid once or twice a day. For prevention, I recommend children take one-half teaspoon once or twice a day. This general dosage may be doubled during times of illness.

CHICKEN POX: Chicken pox is a virus; silver sol can be very beneficial in neutralizing the problem. It can also help with the associated blistering and scarring. Spray the effected area within four hours of the first outbreak, silver sol will help reduce the impact to the skin. Often the blisters will not completely arise and scarring will be lessened. If you already have blisters, spray topically one to four times a day will help conditions improve quickly. Drink two teaspoons of silver sol twice a day. Chicken pox can return years later in the form of shingles. The dosage will also help with shingles.

COLDS: Colds are a virus. A cold gets in your nose and your sinuses and starts to duplicate there, producing a lot of mucus, mucus contains a virus or bacteria. Taking one tablespoon of silver sol three times a day, and spraying intra nasally four or five times a day, will help reduce congestions and inflammation. Mouth rinse, eardrops, eye drops, nose drops, and throat spray can all be used as well.

CONJUNCTIVITIS (Pink Eye): Silver sol is the best eye drops you can buy. Place two or three drops of liquid silver sol directly into the eyes one to four times daily, the pain will go away within hours. Drink two teaspoons twice a day for one week or until the problem is remedied. This will usually remedy the problem within the first two to three days. Spray hand, face, and any affected area to prevent spread of bacteria.

CROHN’S DISEASE: Drinking four ounces of liquid silver sol the first day and two teaspoons of silver sol per day thereafter, you can destroy all three potential causes of the symptoms. Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune disease because the body attacks itself. For this reason silver is very good at destroying pathogens without inflaming the immune system.

CYSTS: Take two teaspoons of liquid silver sol twice a day and apply Silver Sol topically four times a day.

DENGUE FEVER: Silver sol can help when inhaled from a nebulizer 30 minutes a day and by drinking two teaspoons twice a day. Dengue fever can often get into parts of the body the silver has difficulty reaching. If this happens, increase the dosage to one teaspoon six times a day. If this doesn’t work after two days, drink one full ounce and then return to the original dosage.

DIARRHEA/DYSENTERY: Take a teaspoon of silver sol in the morning and at night, you can prevent these infections. If you already have diarrhea or dysentery, you should swallow two teaspoons every hour for the first eight hours. The silver sol will help in as little as four hours. Complete improvement may take up to two days. 

DIAPER RASH: Spray silver sol liquid to the diaper rash you will be able to kill the cause of the diaper rash in the first two hours. The redness and pain can be remedied in as little as five minutes in mild cases. To prevent diaper rash, you can spray a thin layer of silver sol on the inside of the diaper and then allow it to stand for about two minutes. The approach can also be used in children’s socks to prevent athlete’s foot.

EAR INFECTIONS: Use a dropper to place five drops (warm first) into the ear canal while the ear is pointed towards the roof. Keep the ear tilted up for 12 minutes. This will allow the silver sol liquid to get as far down behind the ear as possible. Repeat the process in each ear every 12 hours. You will also want to drink two teaspoons of Silver sol twice daily.

ENDOMETRIOSIS: Silver sol can be taken orally, two teaspoons daily. It can also be used as a douche by pumping two ounces of liquid silver inter-vaginally, holding it for 12 minutes, and then releasing. This will kill bacteria and viruses in and around the cervix.

EPSTIEN-BARR: Epstein-Barr virus causes mononucleosis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Silver sol has the ability to destroy viruses. Drink four ounces for two days, sipping every hour. Drink two ounces a day for the next five days. For maintenance, drink two tablespoons in the morning and at night. Use topically as needed. If you have a uterine yeast infection at the same time, you can use silver sol as a douche, holding it for twelve minutes before releasing. 

FEVERS: To break a fever, drink one teaspoon every hour (up to eight hours) until the fever breaks. If sunburn, the Silver sol can also be applied topically to anywhere the sunburn is found. If a fever does not break before it reaches 104 degrees, seek the care of a health care professional.

FIBROMYALGIA: Yeast can be destroyed by drinking two tablespoons of silver sol two or three times a day. Spray can be applied to sore muscles once or twice a day as needed for pain or aches.

FOOD POISONING: Food poisoning typically includes symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea. It occurs suddenly (within 48 hours) after consuming a contaminated food or drink. It is usually caused by bacteria and viruses. To fight food poisoning, drink about one ounce immediately, followed by two tablespoons every hour for the next eight hours. For prevention, drink 1 teaspoon after a meal where you suspect problems. Silver Sol is especially helpful when traveling in a foreign country. You can actually spray silver sol on food to kill the pathogens that cause food poisoning. After spraying, let it stand for two minutes before eating. E.coli and salmonella can also be killed by taking liquid silver sol.

FLU: Gargling for several minutes with Silver Sol three times a day can help with the onset of the flu. Once the flu has set in, it is harder to combat, but taken at the first sign of illness, it can reduce symptoms to one to three days. Like treatment of the common cold, silver may best be a preventive treatment when dealing with the flu. Consider regular consumption during the flu season.

GASTRITIS/GAS: Silver sol can help because it destroys bacteria that cause gas. If you have a gas outbreak – including painful air pressure in the intestines – take two teaspoons every hour for the first few hours.

GENITAL HERPES: Spraying silver sol topically can help the outbreak improve more quickly. It should be placed on the genitals as soon as the outbreak occurs. In addition, drink two teaspoons of silver sol liquid twice a day. Daily silver use will also help prevent future outbreaks. 

GINGIVITIS: Silver sol can be placed into the dental floss container and disinfect the floss that carves food off the tooth and gums. Swish one teaspoon silver sol in the mouth after flossing to kill all bacteria and viruses in the mouth. 

HEPATITIS: Is very difficult to treat but silver sol can be used in high doses to be beneficial. Silver sol liquid can be swallowed 4 ounces a day for the first two weeks, and then swallowed two tablespoons twice a day for the next 3.5 months. This is a four month attack on hepatitis. The liver numbers were reduced to near normal in one month and back to normal in two months and symptom-free in four months.

HUMAN PAPILOMA VIRUS (HPV): To reach the cervix, pump two ounces of liquid silver sol as a douche intervaginally. Hold it for 10 to 12 minutes before releasing. This will allow the liquid to have access to the cervix for a long enough time to destroy the virus.

IMPETIGO: Impetigo is a bacterial infection of the skin that shows up as blisters usually around the mouth. For prevention, drink one teaspoon of silver sol twice a day. If you already are suffering from impetigo, drink two teaspoons twice a day and, more importantly, spray the area topically one to four times a day. By keeping impetigo moist with silver sol, it will spread less and improve much quicker. Since impetigo is contagious you will want to apply the silver sol to your hands as well in order to prevent contaminating yourself.

INFLAMMATION: Drink two teaspoons twice daily and spray the inflamed areas as needed. Sometimes an inflammatory response is found around an open wound like an MRSA or staph infection. In this case, spray every 2 hours daily.

ITCHING & SCALING: Silver sol will reduce pain, inflammation, itching, and scaling. The Silver Sol can be applied to children and adults of any age. Silver sol can also be used to remedy poison ivy.

JOCK ITCH: Many men suffer from jock itch, or red, inflamed skin. If you live in a warm, humid, or tropical climate, you may have a fungal or bacterial infection that grows in the warm, moist folds of the skin, including the groin. Simple application of the silver sol spray twice daily should keep it under control. For more aggressive cases, it can be used five times a day.

KERATOSIS: Many people have precancerous lesions from sun damage on their shoulders, chest, and face. It presents itself as dry, flaky skin spots or small, reddened, inflamed areas on the skin for years before it becomes a skin cancer. Take one teaspoon of Silver Sol twice a day. Spray Silver sol on the area twice daily.

KIDNEY DISEASE: To help kidney disease, drink two teaspoons four times a day. (A smaller person will use one teaspoon four times a day.) This high dosage is necessary because it needs to pass through the kidney on a regular basis. As it passes through, it will disinfect and help bring the kidney infection under control in as little as 12 hours.

LIVER DISEASE: The liver is one of the most important organs of the body. It detoxifies the blood and secretes over 4,000 enzymes. When the liver is inflamed, like in the case of hepatitis, it won’t secrete as many enzymes and the blood will not be purified quickly. Silver sol can destroy the bacteria and viruses that harm the liver. By restoring proper liver function, all systems of the body will benefit, and overall health is increased. For these results, drink two tablespoons of silver sol twice daily. For severe cases of hepatitis, this amount should be doubled.

LUPUS: Silver sol can be used to kill the bacteria, viruses, mold, and parasites that may be the cause of the lupus. It will do this without making the lupus symptoms worse. Silver sol can be of benefit when you drink one teaspoon three times a day. It can also be applied topically to facial rashes commonly caused by lupus. 

MOLD & FUNGUS: Take two teaspoons of silver three times a day and apply it topically one to four times a day, if needed. This dosage should be continued for at least two weeks longer than symptoms are present. You can expect to see a benefit within the first 30 minutes. It will take at least 10 minutes for the liquid to kill a fungal infection on the skin. Silver will work best when taken with complementary Silver can also be sprayed on household items. In about 10 minutes it will kill the fungus, bacteria, or viruses on your table, food, clothes, phone, refrigerator, or toilet.

METHICILLIN RESISTANT STAPH AUREUS (MRSA): To prevent these infections, drink one teaspoon of liquid silver sol twice a day and spray Silver Sol to the affected area and hands at least twice a day. 

PARASITES: Silver sol can help. It does not kill all parasites, but it does help in the intestines, in the blood, and with leichmaniasis. Silver sol will need to be used for three months, as the lifecycles of each generation of parasites is about 45 days. During this time, drink two teaspoons twice a day. Black walnut hulls, digestive cleansing, and milk thistle will also help the process.

PET USE: You can use silver sol liquid or gel for your pet. If a pet weighs 20 pounds, it should receive one fourth of the human dosage. In most cases, pets take one fourth to one sixth of the normal human dose, but they can safely take up to quadruple doses when they have a problem. (except fish)

PNEUMONIA: The recommended dosage is two teaspoons, two to four times a day; 15 minutes of inhalation from a nebulizer; and intranasal spray twice a day to reduce congestion. You should expect to see benefits in the first 12 hours

POST SURGICAL: Surgery opens the possibility of infection in wounds, stitches, and incisions. Hospital-acquired methicillin-resistant staph aureus infections (MRSA) are one of the most dangerous infections you can get. Silver sol should be applied to the wound, stitches, and the surrounding area immediately after surgery. This will prevent infection, help wound healing, and reduce scarring.

PROSTATE DISEASE: Drink two teaspoons twice a day you will have enough circulating in your system to go through your urine and kill the bacteria in your bladder and prostate.

PSORIASIS: To fight the bacteria, spray silver sol on to affected area two to four times a day, keeping skin, wounds, or rashes very moist. Drink one teaspoon of silver sol liquid twice daily. PUS: Spray silver sol topically to affected areas one to four times a day and drink two teaspoons of silver sol twice a day. If pus is being produced in your throat, e.g. sore throat or strep throat, rinse your mouth with silver sol liquid or apply gel to the throat. Try to keep in place for 6 minutes.

PYORRHEA: Gum disease can be prevented by rinsing your mouth with one ounce of silver sol six minutes each day – the remaining rinse should be swallowed. Your best benefit to use after the first brushing of your teeth. After three days you will have noticeable improvement.

RASHES: Spray silver sol right on the rash, you will moisturize, detoxify, and quicken healing. Apply one to four times a day and swallow one teaspoon of silver sol liquid twice a day.

ROSACEA: Drink two teaspoons silver sol liquid twice a day and apply to area four times a day. Wash the area lightly between each application. You should see a reduction of redness within the first two hours and a reduction of pimples in the first day.

SORE THROAT: To kill the bacteria that cause pus, swollen tonsils, and red spots in the back of your throat, rinse/gargle your mouth/throat with one ounce of silver sol for six minutes three times a day. Allow a small amount of the solution to trickle down the back of your throat and swallow every 30 seconds. Swallow the remainder when you’re done. Pump silver sol into your nasal cavity as needed for sore throat, congestion, or postnasal drip. Sinuses and throat need to be treated simultaneously so one does not infect the other.

THYROID: Drink two teaspoons twice a day and applying silver sol to the throat will result in significant thyroid benefit.

TOENAIL FUNGUS: When silver sol comes in contact with toenail fungus, it will kill it within minutes. The problem is getting underneath the nail. If possible, get through the nail and clear out as much fungus as possible with a blunt instrument. The toenail fungus can then be treated by soaking the toe in silver sol for 30 minutes every other day. If you can’t get the silver sol through the nail, file down the top layer of the nail until it becomes water soluble. This will allow the silver to reach the fungus and kill it. It will take several months for the nail to grow out completely.

TONSILLITIS: Rinse/gargle with one ounce of liquid silver sol for six minutes each day. This process can be repeated daily for a very serious tonsillitis flare up. Spraying silver into the nostrils will also help. The more contact the silver has with the back of the throat, the faster it will work.

TUBERCULOSIS: Drink two teaspoons twice daily and inhaling from a nebulizer 30 minutes each day, you will affect the tuberculosis in both the lungs and the bloodstream. Tuberculosis is not easy to beat. This dosage of silver sol may need to be followed for weeks or months. You should see benefits after the first dose and each repeated use.

ULCERS: Drink one teaspoon of silver sol three to five times a day, it can enter the stomach and destroy the bacteria causing the ulcer. It should take two weeks to get the H. pylori under control, but treatment should be continued for at least a month. H. pylori can return just by having poor hygiene, eating out at restaurants, or not washing your hands. 

VAGINAL ODOR: Silver sol can be used as a douche by pumping two ounces of silver sol liquid inter vaginally, holding it for twelve minutes, and then rinsing. Apply silver sol gel to a tampon and insert into the vagina. For continued problems, silver sol gel can be applied to the outer areas of the vaginal opening or placed on a panty liner.

VIRUS: To fight viruses, silver sol can be taken internally as a liquid, or inhaled to combat sinus, throat or lung problems. You can expect a noticeable benefit to be felt within the first two hours and significant benefits within the first two days.

WARTS: Warts are usually viral infections that have gotten under the skin and reproduced in a way that makes thickened, callused tissue around it. If you can get the silver sol down inside the wart it will actually kill the virus and it will die. By drinking two teaspoons of silver sol twice a day, it will circulate in your blood stream. Combined with topical application of the gel, you should see significant benefit. For quicker, more complete results, pare down the wart with a sharp instrument. Warts do not have pain receptors. When you feel pain, you’ve reached the skin.) Put the silver sol on the exposed portion of the wart.

WATER PURIFICATION: Water can be purified using silver sol liquid. By applying four drops of silver sol liquid into an eight-ounce glass of water, and letting it stand for about two minutes, it will purify even raw river water. Add 2 ounces of liquid silver sol to a 55-gallon drum of water to keep your water storage purified for years.

WOUND HEALING: Silver sol can be applied topically to any wound one to four times a day. By keeping the wound moist, it will improve quicker and with less scarring. Drinking two teaspoons of liquid silver sol twice a day will help improve wounds in the nose, ears, eyes, nose, throat, or any part of the body.

YEAST: Silver sol has been documented to kill yeast both inside and outside of the body. It will even kill stachybotrys, the black mold or yeast that grows in showers and on walls. To fight intestinal or vaginal yeast, drink two tablespoons of silver sol in the morning and at night. Half that dosage can be taken for prevention. Acidophilus, dietary fiber and digestive cleansing can help if you have an intestinal problem. If yeast is in the intestines, it is important to remove sugars from the diet, as it feeds on sugars. Silver sol can be placed in the vagina or on a tampon or panty liner for about 90 minutes to fight a vaginal infection. You should expect to find a benefit in the first two hours after use. Systemic problems may take months to resolve.

ST. GEORGE SILVER SOL is a Ionic/Colloidal Silver suspended in Pure Water Solution at 30ppm+.The Silver (Ag+) Ion is a Nano-Particle that kill over 600+ bacteria, viruses, funguses, and parasites on contact. The Silver ionic/colloidal particles will continue to kill by disrupting the metabolisms and DNA processes to kill the infectious cells until the silver leaves your body. Silver is a transition element, not a heavy metal. It is not poisonous. You cannot overdose on Ionic/Colloidal Silver Sol. Silver Sol will not cause Argyreia or silver skin or harm you. Competitor Silver Sol is sold in bottle of 3ppm to 40ppm silver, the difference is in the amount of silver in solution stated in parts per million(ppm) i.e. ASAP silver sol is sold with 20ppm silver.

NOTE to colloidal silver users: Please note the differences between colloidal silver and silver sol. In 1999 the FDA (DOCID:fr17au99-6) banned all old style colloidal silver/silver compounds, Organic bound Silver, Silver Salts etc. for medicinal use. Some are still sold as food supplements such as Meta-Silver, Oxy-Silver, Water Oz, etc. Any Silver Solution sold with 50ppm to 5000ppm does contain silver compounds or organic binders and will cause Argyreia (Silver skin) over time.

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